Success Stories – Tracy Gervil

Tracy Gervil, Owner Tracy G. Beauty

Student @ His Embassy Global Leadership Center

“I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. I was unable to graduate high school and suffered ADD/ADHD. I felt like a failure and had a difficulty maintaining jobs. The leadership team and staff at His Embassy Global Leadership Center provided me with 360 degree coaching. They began dealing with underdeveloped areas of my character. I was challenged to study myself and treat my life as my first business. I have since been able to earn my G.E.D., became a licensed esthetician, and now own my own business, Tracey G. Beauty. I know my value and walk with a higher level of confidence than ever before. Because of the the strength of the His Embassy Global Network, I am not afraid of what life will bring me. I have been spiritually liberated and mentally empowered.” 

– Tracy Gervil

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