Success Stories – Jonathan De La Rosa

Jonathan De La Rosa, Billings Specialist

Student @ His Embassy Global Leadership Center

“Before attending His Embassy Global Leadership Center I had spent over a decade of my life as a security guard. I always new I could be more and do more, but I couldn’t understand why I had so much trouble leaving the security industry. What, in the beginning, was just a job I took to get by became 12 years of agony. I felt unsatisfied and stuck in an industry that offered little pay and no real growth opportunities. Now that I was approaching thirty, I looked at life differently. I began wanting more for myself, but didn’t know how to get there. I tried desperately to change my career, but failed one interview after the next, experience numerous layoffs, and in a three year period had nine different employers. Then, I joined His Embassy Global Leadership Center. The business classes they offered opened my eyes. All my life the world had taught me what to think. The classes and instructors at His Embassy Global Leadership Center taught me how to think. It truly changed my life. I learned how to relate business principles found in the word of G-d to my everyday living. This gave me real hope. I learned how to identify trends and cycles in my life and eventually changed my perspectives. What would normally frustrate me, became a motivator. I found new confidence and was able to finally break away from the security industry. I’ve started a new career as an accountant. I now make more money than I have every made in my life. The future looks really bright for me now.”

-Jonathan De La Rosa

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